10 Reasons to Use DHTMLX Scheduler .NET

1. Get a ready scheduling solution for your ASP.NET applications

DHTMLX Scheduler for ASP.NET represents a ready Ajax-enabled product that includes server-side and client-side API to provide a rich scheduling UI. It can be easily integrated to ASP.NET MVC applications so all you need is just to download this component and add it to your web project.

2. Save your time and efforts

Initial setup requires maximum 10-15 min of your precious time. Besides, with this event calendar, basic knowledge of C# or Visual Basic is enough. All you have to do is just to add several code lines for initialization. No JavaScript code-writing is required.

3. Choose your design

Scheduler.NET allows changing user interface by choosing any of the available views, languages, and skins. If needed, you can use DHTMLX Skin Builder to customize skin colors to meet your application design.

4. Navigate with ease

Use a convenient popup date-picker or minimize it and place next to the calendar for easy navigation through days, weeks, months and years.

5. Display map of your event location

DHTMLX Scheduler .NET is effectively integrated with Google Maps. You can specify the event location or choose a location right on the map.

6. Secure your data

With this event calendar control, you can store your data to your database and choose users you’d like to share the data withNo one can access your information without your permission. You can also export the events data to PDF or iCal within a second.

7. Integrate with any ASP.NET database

The calendar can be easily integrated with any ORM (e.g. LINQ to SQL, Entity Framework and etc.).

8. Extend functionality by widgets and components

You can enrich your event calendar by adding your own widgets and components, or you can use DHTMLX Scheduler .NET updates that will come soon.

9. Make your app launch faster

The comprehensive documentation and a detailed tutorial with sample codes, tips, and tricks are at your disposal to help you kick start your app creation.

10. Get a Free trial

You can get a free 30-day trial of our event calendar for ASP.NET MVC to explore in detail all the features it provides.

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Viktoria Langer

DHTMLX Scheduler .NET product care manager and customer manager since 2012. Interested in ASP.NET and trying to create valuable content.

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