DHTMLX Scheduler .NET received a minor update to version 2.1 today.

Now our scheduler control is available with Live Update mode. It allows automatic data update in real time. When you create a new event or make any updates to the existing ones, all changes become visible to other users of your calendar. This effect is achieved thanks to the applied WebSockets, SignalR async library or any other technology that supports real-time data exchange.

This feature is critical when you schedule tasks for employees. It can be also effectively applied for booking a café table or bus tickets, etc. All updates occur synchronously so that other scheduler users could see them at once.

This release is also marked by some minor improvements. We have fixed some bugs and added a possibility to export multiple scheduler pages to PDF. Previously, only one visible scheduler page could be exported. Now you can define the number of pages you’d like to export to PDF.

You can download the new samples by clicking on the links given below: 

In the next article you’ll read how these features can be implemented in a Task Manager. In the meanwhile, you can check the updated docs on live update and multi-page export to PDF.

Give it a try and get an upgraded scheduler now!

free download

You can also get a SignalR sample with Scheduler .NET in Web Forms by following this link.

You are more than welcome to share your experience with us and your friends below.