Scheduler .NET Tips: How to Create Custom Lightbox Editors and Custom Views

We’d like to share a new documentation update with you. It covers the following issues:

  • how to implement custom editors (controls) for lightbox editing form
  • how to create a custom view in your .NET calendar


How to Create Custom Editors for Lightbox

DHTMLX Scheduler .NET for ASP.NET supports various types of inputs which provide enough flexibility for most tasks. List of predefined controls can be found here.
In case you need an input that is not listed there, you can implement it manually. For example, add a colorpicker, counter input or even a file uploader.

custom editor lightbox

To implement this, you have to do certain manipulations with the client-side logic (via JS) and also amend lighbox config on the server-side. Detailed instructions are provided here.  You can also download a ready sample for your app. 


How to Customize Calendar View

You can customize your .NET calendar view to display any number of days. You can create such views like a work week (five days), a decade, two weeks, etc. See decade view demo.

decade view calendar

See instructions on how to customize a week view to display an arbitrary number of days.

Get a sample with a work week and decade week views (like on the picture above) and add it to your project.

Hopefully, you have found these updates useful. If you require any other tips, let us know by commenting below or leaving your feedback. 



Viktoria Langer

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