We’d like share with you an events calendar template created to demonstrate how you can announce and share your events in dhtmlxScheduler a more beautiful and informative way. Theater performance calendars, exhibition announcements, and other calendars of events can be built in ASP.NET using this ready-to-integrate sample, which can be an excellent addition for your website or app. View live demo:

The customization touched the timescale and event boxes in the Scheduler .NET flat skin to get an eye-catching look-and-feel. The created sample has two views - agenda view and day view.

Here is the agenda view featured by the giant date size: 

The day view was customized accordingly and got grey event boxes with an image:

We have prepared instructions explaining in detail how you can make necessary customizations and can add your images into event boxes.  You can start creating a nice-looking calendar of events straight away. All the magic is explaned here

To make the process easier, grab and apply this calendar template. Download the ready template sample here:


Did you find this template useful? What features we might have missed but you need them? Your honest comments are welcome!